Orthographic images into WED

The first issue creating airports is reference imagery.  Bing is the source of the imagery, the same as you’d see if you edit Open Street Map.

There are no immediate plans to create access to Google, Yandex or any other reference imagery yet.

Ground Fonts and Symbols

I’m sure a font system will come to WED someday, something that will have the best visual quality you could expect.  Until then, polygons can be used to trace letters, numbers and any other painted shapes on the ground.

With WED-O-Maker, you can quickly insert words, numbers, or special symbols as polygons exactly at your position on the map.

Coming soon: Library view

In early development

The idea here is to create an area on the planet of some/all the library objects. Whether you fly a camera over them, or make a reference video, I hope this will make it easier to find the objects and facades you are looking for.