FAQ Usage

Why Bing, not Google or Yandex?

Open Street Maps, the source for so much X-plane scenery, use Bing imagery to help people contribute to the open source effort. WED and the Scenery Gateway are also open source and open data, so Bing licensing should be compatible.

Conversely Google imagery has a very restrictive license,

The map imagery does not line up with the existing runways,
– it’s up to 5m out
– it’s way over 5m out!

I think it’s safe to say satellite imagery can happily be 2 to 5m out. (Here’s one reference). Ideally we’d be able to compare more than one satellite reference, but even that won’t show us what is ‘right’. Is GPS accurate? It can be, but jogging the same path again and again in a phone app and a Garmin watch will always result in slightly different paths (I saw up to 2m differences, ignoring the spikes of really bad data).

Is it way out? It’s possible the airport was moved by Laminar to still work with the low resolutions world scenery. X-Plane’s VLNK Lukla is several hundred meters out, and even rotated.

Why do I see white boxes instead of scenery?

Do you see tiles at other zoom levels?  You may have selected a zoom level for which there are actually no tiles for.

Why does it look okay in the browser? Because it cheats! It will use a higher zoom level – it’ll just appear blurier than you’d expect. You’ll have to manually choose a working zoom level in wed-o-maker, but the one advantage is …that you’ll know the truth.

Still seeing white boxes? If, on Windows, you’ve linked your Scenery from C drive to D drive, make sure WED accesses the scenery from where X-Plane is installed.

Can I create WED Orthophotos instead of WED Overlays?

The main goal of wed-o-maker is to help contributors to the X-Plane Airport Gateway, which won’t accept orthophotos.
Also, I believe this would infringe on the Bing map license.
…if I’m wrong on both counts, then I’ll happily add that feature!