FAQ Installation

How do I install?

Like WED itself, no installation is required.  But this means you’ve got to put the wed-o-maker ‘jar’ file somewhere safe yourself.  We recommend you put it in the same place you’ve put WED.

Setup WED-O-Maker (Mac)

Setting up WED-O-Maker is just telling it where X-Plane is installed.

The video above shows one way to copy-and-paste the correct path on a Mac. Another way is to right-click on the folder, hold the options key, and select ‘Copy X-Plane 11 as Pathname’.  A Mac path to X-Plane is often going to look like:

/Users/jsmith/Desktop/X-Plane 11

Windows:  Explorer usually shows your path, if not try pressing Alt-D to select the path, Ctrl-C to copy it.  Windows paths will often look like…

C:\Users\jsmith\Desktop\X-Plane 11

WED-O-Maker just shows ‘Starting…’ and never gets any further.

This can happen if there’s a ‘port conflict’ – another application running on your computer serving web pages.  See the question below about changing the default port number.

Can I configure WED-O-Maker to use another port other than 8080?

If you have another application running on port 8080, this will stop Wedbing running.  You can create a ‘plain text’ file in the same directory as the wedbing-x.x.x.jar file with the name application.properties and type this exactly into the plain-text file…


Once saved, the next time you run WED-O-Maker you should no longer have any port conflicts or stalled startup. The zero indicates a random unused port number should be used.  If you know what you’re doing and prefer to do so, you can replace the zero with a precise port number (e.g. server.port=9090)