or… Download, (no) Install, & Just Run

The only prerequisite is that you already have Java installed! Then WED-O-Maker (WOM) will run on Windows and Mac.

WOM works by re-writing your WED files, so I’m obliged to give you the safety-line of “it is always wise to make regular backups of your files”.

Download from

Unzip the zip file to reveal the wedbing-x.x.x.jar file. A .jar is a Java executable.  If you can’t double-click the jar file to run WOM, then Java is not installed correctly.

Download from Google drive

If you’re not a member of the X-Plane forums, you can download from Google drive

Right-click the file to find the ‘Download’ option.

No Installation?

Like WED itself, no installation is required.  But this means you’ve got to put the wed-o-maker ‘jar’ file somewhere safe yourself.  We recommend you put it in the same place you’ve put WED.

Setup WED-O-Maker (Mac)

Using WED-O-Maker