Apologies in advance

I’m anticipating WED-O-Maker to stop working at the end of June.

But it’s temporary!  I will get it working again soon!

Microsoft emailed me a reminder that version 7 of their map api will be withdrawn at the end of June 2017 – I need to migrate to version 8 asap.

I’ve had no time to fix this – so, apologies in advance if WED-O-Maker breaks in July.

When I get back from holiday, and get some spare time (UK summer will have passed by then too, I’m sure) I’ll get it fixed asap.




10 thoughts on “Apologies in advance

  1. Ross E. Brown

    Really have enjoyed using WED-O-Maker. Has reduced my stress level from the way I would get “orthophoto” before. As someone who is active of “doing” airports, I wait with anticipation of you returning to updating to Ver. 8.
    I have found your lettering methodology very helpful. I only wish Laminar would allow real airport marking colours to be used. But something is better than nothing.
    Once again, look forward to the “new” WED-O-Maker.


    1. wedbing Post author

      Thanks Ross,
      I’ve had little feedback about the ground-fonts system. I work on features that i feel are the biggest problems/blockers, and just assume others may agree! So i am glad to hear you find it useful.
      Of course, the moment I released it, I heard a rumour a similar (and better, non polygon) system is being developed for WED.
      Here’s hoping it is powerful, easy to use, and have assets ready for the Gateway from day one!


      1. Ross E. Brown

        It takes WED a long time to release “stuff”. Now do a work around to get an “orthophoto”. Really simple. A.) Identify North LAT, B.) Identify South LAT, C.) Identify West LONG, and D.)Identify East Long. Then Create, in WED Airport file, four simple yellow lines with the following Lat & LONG; North line (AC to AD); South Line (BC to BD); West line (AC to BC) and East line (AD to BD). These together form the future limits of the “orthophoto”.

        Before I found out about your WEB-O-Maker, i purchased a Google Map Downloader. With that by identifying the boundaries, the program will capture multiple elements which when combined form a graphic image (.bmp. Geotiff or .jpeg). This graphic image can be loaded into WED as “an othophotograph”. At times, it will be immediately re-sized to fit the previously described limits. If not, the image can be “marqueed” and adjusted to the limits.

        In testing points of the “orthophoto” in WEB against the actual LAT-LONG from Google, there is a slight discrepancy, usually measuring less than 100 feet. So accurate enough for sim.

        Once again, looking forward to you adaptation to the new Ver *. And thanks for your hard work on behalf of all of us Airport “artists”



  2. Ross brown

    Hi again, any idea when you will be up and running. My wife is loving the reprieve as I do not sit at computer all day. But all good things have to end. let me know Thanks Ross


      1. Ross Brown

        I have difficulty getting the appropriate Xplane directory in the left upper box. Should that be the full /Users/rossbrown/Desktop/Xplane11? Had difficulty at first but stumbled on to how to put it in. This time, not sure if its me or the new ver.
        PS: Thanks for your hard work. It is appreciated


  3. Ross Brown

    I have loaded your Aug 22 version. It calls up the program but then I am stymied. It asks for “<- enter a valid X-Plane home directory here." Seems straight forward but no combination of word /letters/ swearing, gets it to read the Xplane Custom scenery file. The path to the directory is "Macintosh HD/users/rossbrown/desktop/xplane11". when I enter that and press enter , nothing happens. Before it made my list of airports available to chose. Any Ideas. Even changing path to
    "Macintosh HD/users/rossbrown/desktop/xplane11/Custom Scenery" does nothing. HELP!!



    1. wedbing Post author

      Yeah, it’s not a consistent part of the Mac – on the outside Macs make drives look like the Windows ‘drive first’ system, but in fact Mac/Unix paths main system drive simply starts “/” (additional drives have the path “/Volumes/TheAdditionalDriveName”)

      Anyway – the solution – in Finder, right click on your X-Plane folder. Now, holding the ‘options’ key, the ‘Copy X-Plane’ item changes to ‘Copy X-Plane as Pathname’. You should paste that into WED-O-Maker. Case sensitivity can sometimes be a factor, and I’d expect your actual path to be…
      or even
      /Users/rossbrown/Desktop/X-Plane 11

      But stick to the right-click, hold-option, select Copy x as Pathname.
      Look on the FAQ-Installation page, the setup video shows another way to do this on a Mac.


  4. Ross Brown

    Perfect. Have OS 10.12.6 and didnot work but used a terminal copy pf the folder and did a delete of the last hashmark “/Users/rossbrown/Desktop/X-Plane\ 11” to “/Users/rossbrown/Desktop/X-Plane 11” and Voila! Or Eureka! , opened correctly. It is strange that straight typing of path obviously was missing “something”. All is well that ends well.. Thanks for the help.




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