Wedbing becomes WED-O-Maker

I thought Wedbing was the perfect name – its Wed, and Bing, put together simply.

So why the change?

  1. It doesn’t quite make sense as a ‘Does what it says on the tin‘ title if I add any new features.
  2. It’ll stop autocomplete keyboards changing wedbing to wedding (argh!).
  3. And right now, the new title amuses me.

I’d like to add a few more features, so I hope that helps justify the name change.

First is this new Font & Symbol system, which may or may not be a time-saver.  It’s in ALPHA now, feel free to download it and try it (although I really need to make a how-to video soon).

This feature will help with the next – a visual library generator, populating a place on earth with all the library items in the default library, and even other libraries (woops, thats not a feature just for gateway airports!).  From this I hope to make a video so people can scrub through at will, and see the objects / facades in a manor I hope makes it quicker to find what you’re looking for.

Following that, I want to add a ‘regroup’ feature to recreate groupings after downloading an airport from the Gateway.  Laminar’s current thinking is that these groupings are artist specific and should not be part of the Gateway’s data.  I disagree with this, but luckily there’s a way to re-group items that hopefully will look something similar to the authors original hierarchy.


5 thoughts on “Wedbing becomes WED-O-Maker

  1. Maurice Cohen

    Thank you for a great tool; I have put it to very good use. Regarding the Font and Symbol system, what is the purpose of the Fonts folder in the archive that you seem to want placed in Custom Scenery? I am able to add lettering to runways whether the Font folder is present or not present in Custom Scenery


    1. wedbing Post author

      You can ignore or delete these!

      As part of a beta, they are there to show you how you might create your own fonts and symbols.

      If, like most, you don’t need to create your own, then you can delete them – they wont be there in later releases.


    1. wedbing Post author


      The real question is – ‘Does WED-O-Maker work with WED 1.6?’.
      WED 1.6’s file format has remained backwards-compatible, and I have used WED-O-Maker with it just fine.

      (I cant wait to upload my changes to EGHR with the new XP11 Ferrari’s doing a hot-lap as you come in to land!)


      1. Tranier

        Ok, thank for your response. I have another question… When i downloaded tiles in WED why Wed o Maker don’t load all the airport ( for me LFMN) just a piece. I have seen the video and english langage is not my cup of tea! in another terms i would like all the airport in max resolution as possible. Thank


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