Nearly two years on…

And WedBing, now WED-O-Maker is about to get a new feature.  But I’m not sure it should be added…

Unlike some, I have only submitted a handful of airports to the Scenery Gateway.

My local airports in the UK are Goodwood and Shoreham (what, I should do London Gatwick too?).  Two things happened.  First, I couldn’t find a way to put runway numbers on grass runways.  Second, there was writing on the tarmac of Shoreham, which the resolution of the Bing tiles did not resolve well.  Tracing that with a polygon would be very ‘hand drawn’, error-prone, and very tedious.

So, predicting it would take a long time before a font system would appear in WED, I thought I would create a passable font system that would save authors a bit of time.

But there’s so many compromises, especially using polygons which have lots of visual artefacts…

I’ll post more shortly.


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