What is WED-O-Maker?

<< Has WED-O-Maker stopped working for you? FIXED! >>

If you use X-plane (or Infinite-flight or FlightGear) and the World Editor ‘WED’ then you know you need orthophotos in WED. WED-O-Maker gives you…

  • Orthophoto overlays – It puts Bing orthographic satellite imagery into WED, to help build airport scenery for X-Plane’s Scenery Gateway.
  • Ground fonts – Can create words and letters ‘polygons’ for large floor markings

(fyi, WED-O-Maker used to be called WedBing)

Just make it easy, please…

WED-O-Maker’s first aim: Navigate Bing maps, and provide a really easy way to see the same map in the WED editor, in exactly the right position in the world.  Simple!

More about the features.